Welcome to Bitumas Waterproofing Centre Sdn Bhd

Since 2003, BITUMAS Waterproofing Centre has been involved in the development of waterproofing industry in Malaysia. We have maintained loyal customers ranging from developers, main-contractors, applicators and home owners.

Our main purpose is to make waterproofing materials conveniently available to everyone from big contractors to small waterproofing contractors and building owners who require building waterproofing. There are many people who are unaware of the existence of waterproofing and want to know the purpose of it. Waterproofing for buildings is an important component of a building and it affects the integrity of the structure. Waterproofing is a combination of waterproof materials and waterproofing systems that prevents water penetration into buildings that cause leakage into a building. Waterproofing prevents the deterioration of concrete reinforcement, including the decline of the strength of concrete due to spalling and concrete cancer.

The basic of waterproofing is to incorporate steps to ensure the building is watertight. Areas of waterproofing to ensure a building is waterproof and watertight incorporates roof waterproofing, basement waterproofing, bathroom or toilet waterproofing. These ensure that all concrete or structure that comes in contact with water is waterproof.

PU (Polyurethane) Injection; it is the most  common and efficient type of repairing a basement leak and to waterproof. Being used for stopping leaks in poured concrete foundation walls and structures. When a leak repair or waterproofing is required on walls or ceilings, the cracks are injected with Polyurethane (also known as "grout"), the chemical would then react with any water inside the crack and rapidly expand to seal up the cracks while forcing water out.

As a waterproofing contractor and a waterproofing specialist. We provide repair and waterproofing services to:-

Bathrooms Balcony
Concrete roof Car porch ceiling
Swimming pool Fish pond
Basement Water tank
Ceiling Metal deck
Water feature Toilet
Roof garden Gutter
Concrete & crack Planter box
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