Bostik Boscolastic
Bostik Boscolastic
Brand: Bostik
Product Code: Bostik Boscolastic
Weight: 35.00kg
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Price: RM190.00

Boscolastic | Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing Membrane


Boscolastic is a 2 component flexible acrylic polymer cementitious waterproofing coating that is mixed on site and resurfaced on concrete and other construction materials to waterproof. Boscolastic has excellent weathering resistance and crack bridging property.


-          Water tank

-          Bathrooms, balconies, terraces

-          Swimming pools and pool decks

-          Water features and ponds

-          Planter boxes, canopies

-          On external environmental deck

-          In between of under floor toppings



-          Flexible and elastic, can bridge over cracks

-          Accommodates flexible movements in suspended structures

-          Can be tiled over successfully

-          Bonds well to sound substrates

-          Ability to withstand heavy topping without fracture

-          Applied on damp walls and floors

-          Can be painted over with elastic paint

-          Hard and abrasion resistant

Packaging: 35kg Set

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