Coring Machine
Coring Machine Coring Machine
Coring Machine
Brand: Husqvarna
Product Code: Coring Machine
Weight: 10.50kg
In Stock
Price: RM5,500.00


  • Core drilling in walls, floors and roofs, up to a diameter of 120 mm. 
  • For a variety of materials, including reinforced concrete, brick and other building materials.
  • Stitch drilling and drilling close to walls/edges.
  • Suitable for lighter applications such as small channels and pipes, electrical sockets and telecom cables, anchoring and gas supply pipes.


  • The DMS 160 A has a fixed column with base plate and expander bolt.
  • The drilling load indicator (LED) displays the current load on the machine, enabling the user to maximise drilling speed, for highly efficient operation.
  • The drill motor is equipped with electronic overload protection which helps prevent overheating and extends product life.
  • An integrated slip-clutch protects the machine and the tool from strong external forces, for greater durability.

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