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Antisol E
Antisol E Antisol-E is an emulsified paraffin based curing membrane. It is ready-for-use and si..
Intraplast Z | Expanding grout admixture | expanding grout additive
Intraplast Z Description Intraplast Z is a ready to use injection aid in powder form. It is no..
Sika anchorfix -1 | fast cure anchoring adhesive
Sika AnchorFix -1 Description Solvent and styrene free based two part polyester fast curing an..
Sika Antisol A
Antisol -A - Water-dispersed, acrylic copolymer based concrete curing compound Product Descriptio..
Sika Fastplug-102 | Waterplug | stop water leaks
Sika Fastplug-102 Description Sika Fastplug-102 is a chloride free, fast-setting cementitious ..
Sika Igolflex R | Flexible rubber bitumen emulsion coating
Sika Igolflex R - Flexible rubber / bitumen emulsion coating PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Igolflex R is..
Sika Microcrete 2000 | Dual shrinkage compensated flowing cementitious repair material for formwork repairs
Sika Microcrete-2000 - Dual shrinkage-compensated, flowing, cementitious repair material for formwor..
Sika Mono Top 615 SD
Sika MonoTop®-615 SD - High build polymer modified cementitious patch repair mortar Product Descr..
Sika Monotop 610 MY
Sika MonoTop®-610 MY - Bonding mortar and reinforcement protection Product Description Sika Mo..
Sika Monotop R
Sika MonoTop R - Polymer modified cementitious hand placed / wet spray repair mortar PRODUCT DESC..
Sika Multiseal-T | bituminous sealing tape | roof waterproofing tape
SIKA MULTISEAL-T It is a self-adhesive, rubber-modified, bituminous sealing tape, one-side lam..
Sika Waterbar | PVC Waterstop | waterstop for concrete joints
Sika Waterbars Description Sika Waterbars are a flexible PVC waterstops used to seal construct..
SikaCim - MY | Concrete and mortar waterproofing admixture | Modified polymer liquid admixture
SikaCim MY Waterproofer Concrete and mortar waterproofing admixture. Modified polymer liquid admi..
Sikadur -31SBA S02| repair mortar | epoxy resins
Sikadur®-31SBA S02 (formerly known as Sikadur®-31 LP) 2-part thixotropic epoxy adhesive Product D..
Sikadur 42 MY | Pourable Epoxy Grout
Sikadur 42 MY - Pourable epoxy grout Product Description Sikadur 42 MY is a 3-part pourable grou..