PU-501 | Auto Glass Sealant
PU-501 | Auto Glass Sealant
Brand: X'Traseal
Product Code: PU-501
Weight: 310.00gm
In Stock
Price: RM35.00

PU-501 Auto Glass Sealant is a one part, high viscocity, polyurethane based sealant which cures by the action of air moisture and chance the product from a pasty to an elastomeric mastic. It offers excellent adhesion on glass and metal. Most suitable for bonding windshield in the automotive industry.


  1. High modulus & tensile strength
  2. Excellent adhesion on windscreen and metal
  3. Outstanding durability
  4. Permanently flexible
  5. Good weatherability
  6. Extreme temperature resistant


Sealing for automotive windscreen, windows and scuttles sealing in automotive, caravan, ship building and railway industry.

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